Marcus Barton

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A Little About Me

Like many folks, I decided late in life to get into shape.  After losing over 40 pounds, I continued to strive for further improvement and eventually turned to racing.  After racing in numerous trail and road running events, I was persuaded by a fellow trail runner to look into off-road triathlons.

I originally created my blog, back in 2004.  The nickname SpeedyLizard was given to me during track days on my sportbike (which you can see on my page).  I later turned it into SpeedyLizard Racing when I took up triathlons in 2007.  

In 2007, I first started racing triathlons and at my first triathlon, XTERRA Uwharrie, I was completely surprised and took 3rd place overall in the Sport class.  I've been hooked on XTERRAs ever since, so much so that I am entering into my 7th year as part of the XTERRA Ambassador family.

In 2016, I was bestowed with the honor of being named Mr. XTERRA and was completely blown away for even being considered for the honor, let alone being awarded it.  Check out the cool video XTERRA put together about the award.

I race everything from off-road triathlons, trail runs and crazy races like SwimRun in Norway and Sweden. I even throw in some adventure style racing in there for safe measure. Stay tuned to my blog for the fun adventures (pun intended).

What is Adventure Racing?

It's fun. That's what it is.
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Rock Bounding and Swimming On A Trail Run

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Rockman 2019 Young Rockman

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I Forget Things Xterra Oak Mountain

Yep.. I'm always forgetting stuff.. This time, it was for a good reason Sort of
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Introducing SwimRun Tennessee

Tony and Lisa Hammett, of Peak Racing and makers of SwimRun Georgia, bring you another awesome race.
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What SwimRun Gear Do I Need? Part 2

The conclusion to the two part series. Now you know!
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