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Come On Legs Part 2!

Last week we talked about my college coach emphasizing the importance of a strong kick.

When I personally work with swimmers I'm constantly talking about the importance of a strong body line. My goal is to give you the easiest path for success. And kick is a basic building block. We've all heard the saying you can't replace hard work.

Many people get caught up with the idea of volume or distance rather than quality of the work. When you're kicking it's important to realize that your working very hard even though the total distance isn't there compared to other workouts. Kicking with a kick board is the most common type of kicking but this creates a negative body line and puts strain on your shoulders, neck and back.

As we've spoken about in the past, a strong body line makes for a strong swimmer. Practicing your kicking in different positions can increase your strength, flexibility as well as improve your body line.

Streamline kick

This is where you see the person floating in their back, their hands are together and reaching above their head. Their body should look like a rocket or pencil. This is the fastest position in swimming. Kicking in a Streamline on your back is great for fitness and body line.

Side kick

Side kick an be performed on either side (right or left). Imagine you are laying on the floor on your right side. Your right hand is full extended (like you're easing your hand for class) and your head is resting on your arm. Your left hand and are is resting by your side (imagine your left hand is in your left pants pocket). This position allows for the swimmers to build strength and comfort while on their side. It mimics the exact position a swimmer should be in when he/she breathes during their freestyle stroke.


Is a great drill fro transitioning from one side to the other. When kicking on your side count 6 seconds, then take 3 long full rotation freestyle strokes, pausing after the 3rd stroke on the opposite side and count for 6 seconds while kicking in that side; and repeat.

My long time coach and mentor m, Doug Fleck used to say that at least 1/3 of all workouts should be kick focused. Too this day I've found that those most successful are huge kickers.

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