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My YMCA Success Story - Sonia Nesbit

My journey started back in May 2017 when I realized that I needed a lifestyle change. I began doing cardio three times a week and selecting healthier food options. As someone with fibromyalgia my new regiment helped improve not only my physicality but also my mental and spiritual state. The more that I work out the better I feel.

The YMCA has provided me with a home outside of my family. I am now here five days a week. I take advantage of the water classes, fitness center and sauna. Whenever I am in the gym I feel a connection with God.

The Keith YMCA in particular always has something that keeps me eagerly coming back. I have reinvented myself with new confidence. It's amazing how other members approach me and compliment my exercising form.

My children and grandchildren are the reason for my journey & I want to be here for them. I want to live & enjoy life!

Virtual Y

While we're all navigating these difficult times and gyms are closed, stay connected with The Y! Check out Training on Demand. and workout from home. Choose from a diverse selection of on demand classes led by professional YMCA instructors. Each day, a different class will be emailed to you. Each class ranges from short 2-minute videos to almost thirty minutes and offers a great way to keep you active. Let's get moving!