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My Fitness Journey

I have decided to throw a bit of a curve ball into my regular column. As an aside to what I normally write, I will be bringing you some interviews of people that inspire me in my fitness journey.  Each person I interview looks at fitness a little differently and their journeys have taken them down some interesting paths. I hope you enjoy their perspectives.

My first interview is of my beautiful, lovely and inspiring wife, Julie. She is a homeschooling mother to 8 children (ranging from 17 years old to 1 year old). Julie loves connecting deeply with friends, great books and quotes, nature, outdoors and running (give her a follow on Instagram @8wagnerzs). I am the type of runner that likes running when it is over. I like the results and accomplishment. Julie loves the act of running and the emotion that it brings while doing it. It is a wonder to see the joy and satisfaction that the act of running and moving her body brings to her each day. I hope you enjoy Julie's thoughts on her fitness journey and how exercise has become interwoven into her everyday routine.

Can you give us a brief background about yourself?

Tell me about your pre-fitness self

When did fitness become important to you?

I love the idea of encouraging people to exercise, but Julie said something really important in this clip. People were telling her that she could run a 5k, but what would have happened if they would have said, meet me at the Greenway on Saturday at 8am and I will run with you? I know that without the encouragement and guidance of key friends and family, I would have a much harder time getting fitness to stick in my life.

What motivates you for fitness?

I have run 2 Half Marathons alongside Julie and she is not exaggerating when she talks about thanking God and praying for parts of her body and for family and friends. One of her tricks for passing the miles during a half marathon is to take 1 mile and pray for a member of our family.

Who inspires you?

If you are interested to learn more about Rosie, this is the link to the podcast

What challenges have you faced?

What advice you would you give someone who is where you have been?

Julie does absolutely beat me when it comes to having fun while running! I hope that you found her as inspiring as I do.

Next up is a friend of mine named Jeff Greene. Jeff is a graduated of the Naval Academy, a fitness instructor at the Y and is very passionate (maybe a bit obsessive) about living an active and healthy lifestyle. Until next time