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Kevin Young

I would like to introduce you to Kevin Young! I really got to know Kevin in 2015, when we both joined a newly formed men's bible study group. He was a huge encouragement to me both directly and indirectly to become more healthy and physically fit. 

Before we get started, I want to share one of my favorite Kevin stories. After working in 2015 to get a bit more fit, I decided I wanted to try doing triathlons. Kevin, to be an encouragement, decided to sign up with me. He ended up doing 2 triathlons that year, even though, HE REALLY CAN'T SWIM! The first triathlon was a pool swim and the water was only 4ft deep or so, so he was able to get through it. The second was the Jimmy Johnson Sprint Triathlon at Lake Davidson. Kevin was in a separate starting group and went off 5 minutes before me in the swim. As I was swimming and sighting the buoys occasionally, I could have sworn I saw someone hanging from one of the buoys. Didn't think much of it, until I then saw someone hanging onto the front of one of the support kayaks. When I passed him, Kevin was again swimming, AFTER, holding on to a buoy and holding on to a kayak. When sorting the results after the race, we saw the Kevin finished dead last in the swim, right behind a 72 year old grandmother. Of course though, Kevin caught me on the run (at which point I reminded him that he started 5 minutes before me, so it may seem we are side by side, but I am actually 5 minutes up ahead of him) and ended up beating me for the day by 30 seconds.

The moral of that story is that, even risking death by drowning, Kevin lives to be an encouragement to others. Hope you enjoy his story  

Who is Kevin?

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How important has training with a group been in your fitness journey?

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What is Speed4Need?

 I can still remember the morning at Bojangles where Kevin first talked to our Men's group about the idea for Speed4Need. At that point, he had a flyer and an idea. A year later Speed4Need has 8 racing chairs and is exhilarating Track Commanders of all ages, sexes and races! Check out!



What prompted you to begin Speed4Need?

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Are you currently training for any particular fitness event?



Has your fitness journey impacted other parts of your life?

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What or Who inspires you and why?



Any advice for the difficult times?

Embrace the Suck!


What advice would you give someone who could improve their fitness, but may be intimidated or embarrassed to join a workout group?



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