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The Stories We Tell Ourselves

I have a theory that when something is hard it’s probably the best thing for me at that time. There are countless occasions where a competition or practice wasn’t the easiest. I had to push through because my goals were bigger than that moment. I understood the meaning of momentum. 

Using momentum is both a strategy and a tool. When it would rain and I had to go to practice I thought, “today is the most important day because everyone else isn’t going to be at practice....and if they are physically they definitely aren’t there mentally.” You do something enough you rewire your thinking process. As a high level athlete you’re tested all the time. You test yourself, as well as professional doctors testing you to help find that edge. As an athlete it was not uncommon that as soon as stress (physical and non-physical) started my heart rate would lower before it would rise. 

I don’t know what the technical term is but I do know it’s real. And that it wasn’t because I was particularly special physically. Remember I was 145lbs as a 19 year old. I had unknowingly trained and conditioned my body to react this way. Through consistent thought and work my body learned how best to deal with challenges. 

I’m sharing this with you as a point of reminder that we are in control of our body and mind. That we can guard the door to our mind and protect how we choose to react to the stress. 

What ‘story’ are you applying to your workouts? Goals? Life? I’ve battled back and forth if I should address the craziness that has enveloped our world and minds. I’m not blind to what’s going on. I’m choosing to be very intentional to how much (media/news) I take in and what I decide to do with it. I ask myself what I’m feeling and what these feelings are telling me. Many people let their feelings drive their actions. When it should be the other way around. Assess your feelings and let that tell you the rational direction needed. 

Stress happens...all the time. The most successful people in the world learn to use their goals and the stresses around them to propel them forward. In this crazy time remember that your goals are still important. That it is vital for you to stay the course; to not let your momentum slow. It may need to change directions or go uphill only to increase speed and velocity at a later time. 

This isn’t my usual story, combined with swim techniques. This was just me sharing what’s on my mind. When it’s important enough you’ll make it happen. 

Ready Go!