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Working Out With Billy Shue (3)

Billy Shue is a well known amateur athlete and local favorite here in Charlotte. His many accomplishments do not come without a LOT of hard work and determination. Billy is awesome enough to share with us what it is he does on a regular basis by sharing his workouts, notes, and metrics. This will be a recurring series called "Working Out With Billy Shue" so stay tuned for workouts and ideas you can incorporate into your own workout schedule. Look out for the Strava  links to the given workout on for a more in depth look at a given workout.

Monday 1/13

2.53 miles at an average 8:06 pace for 20m 32s

 Workout Part 1: 20-minute tempo
3.41 miles at an average 5:53 pace for 20m 5 s
Gave it a hard tempo effort, but kept in control knowing I had the 8*300m after. Gradual downhill first mile and net uphill last 2+ miles.

 Workout Part 2: 6-minute jog, change into flats, 8*300m with 2:30 recoveries, jog back to car to take off flats before cooldown
5.02 miles at an average 7:11 pace for 36m 5s
Took it easy on the recoveries, so I could pound the 300m intervals. I elected to do these on a flat neighborhood road in South Park (May "La Gorce" Be With You) and ran with my Timex on the other arm, where I set my timer to 1-minute on the 8*300m, knowing that 300m for 1:00 would be about 5:20 pace, so my goal was to get at least 300m in that time. Ran the 8*300m between 5:00-5:18 mile pace, with 7 of the 8 between 5:00-5:09 mile pace.

2.83 miles at an average 7:18 pace for 20m 42s

Tuesday 1/14

 W2/3 SST Criss Cross Intervals
22.32 miles, 1h 6m, 191 watts
@PerfPROStudio Workout
W2/3 SST Criss Cross Intervals
#perfpro #uptowncycles

 13-mile maintenance effort MLR
13.25 miles at an average 7:34 pace for 1h 40m
Ran this mostly on the new Little Sugar Creek Greenway between Tyvola and 485 and back - love this greenway!!

Wednesday 1/15

 Easy 7 miles in Blakeney before PT at Architech Sports
7.27 miles at an average 7:52 pace for 57m 10s

 6*:22 strides with 1-minute recoveries
1.07 miles at an average 7:33 pace for 8m 7s

 45-minute maintenance effort ride at the Childress Klein YMCA
15 miles for 46m 25s
Did this with the 12:30 cycle class at the Y and got to ride next to Pete Kaplan and Tom Torkildsson!

Thursday 1/16

 Track warmup
2.59 miles at an average 7:50 pace for 20m 19s

 12*1,000 meters at the JCSU track at tempo pace with 1:00 recoveries
7.94 miles at an average 6:12 pace for 49m 14s
Nailed the workout, with my last 6*1,000m being faster than the first 6 overall and my 12th and final one being the fastest. With just 1:00 recoveries in between, this workout is just as much challenging mentally as it is physically. Kept most of these between 3:30-3:28, with a 3:25 on my last 1,000m rep. Need to keep working on my diaphragmatic breathing and keeping the right elbow in more (I've had 2 shoulder surgeries on my right arm, so I need to keep working with my PT folks to get that elbow closer in.

 Post-12*1k workout cooldown
2.78 miles at an average 7:36 pace for 21m 11s

Friday 1/17

 19-mile LR with lots of climbing exploring more areas of South Park
19.25 miles at an average 7:31 pace for 2h 24m
Lots of climbing today! Mountain Brook and Montibello have HILLS! Went maintenance effort today and felt better as I went. The first 8 miles felt like recovery from yesterday's workout and then my legs felt in a good rhythm (maintenance effort standards) the rest of the way. I explored areas of South Park I hadn't ran in before - really nice neighborhoods and homes (and hills!).

Saturday 1/18

 2020 Cold Day @ Uptown Cycles
26.57 miles, 1h 17m, 204 watts
@PerfPROStudio Workout
2020 Cold Day @ Uptown Cycles
#perfpro #uptowncycles

6.03 miles, 16m 40s, 238 watts
@PerfPROStudio Workout
#perfpro #uptowncycles

 Katherine's barre class at PB South Park
Another great class from Katherine, with a best of 1999 playlist for the music! Brought me right back to '99!

Sunday 1/19

 6*:22 strides with 1-2 minute recoveries on the last 2 miles of the Flying Biscuit 6-mile route
1.65 miles at an average 7:15 pace for 11m 59s
Action shot of me finishing my last stride coming back to the Flying Biscuit

 Flying Biscuit Sunday Run with great group!!
4.2 miles at an average 7:23 pace for 31m 4s
I ran with John McCormick and enjoyed catching up with him, as we also met and ran with Sam and Matt! Loved seeing everyone out there today!! I did my strides on the last 2 miles of the 6-mile route (next post).