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What's Your Threshold?

Threshold Academy is all about helping athletes of all ages and levels get better.  We all have thresholds that scare us.  Ocean swimming, cycling at 60 miles an hour or running more than a marathon all create a deep emotion that makes us conclude that the risk isn't worth the reward.  Then, we hear of someone else doing it, and an inward facing itch migrates to the surface.  We try to joke it down, but it remains in there, looking to get out.  

Most everyone has an unmet athletic dream, and I help you express that dream and create a plan to help you succeed.  For some, it is running your first 5K. For others, it is completing an ironman.  For some, it is getting on the podium at a national championship.  Regardless which type fits you, I help you get beyond your Threshold.  Watch my little 1 minute to see how we do it.

For the Charlotte Community, I have a sanctioned triathlon club, and we meet once a week during the warmer months to do a brick workout together.  Afterwards, we go out to replenish the glycogen that we just exhausted.  Check out our meetup group and join us.  It is free.  

For those of you who are time crunched but want to learn everything you can, as fast as you can, we have an immersion experience where you live with my wife and I for 4 days, and we teach you everything you need to swim, bike, and run.

Each year, we do two multi-day cycling trips, complete with hotels, food, support vehicles, mechanics and maps for your computer.  We have activities for your plus 1 who seeks something less heavy duty. We keep the price down to include as many people as we can, and all levels of cyclists are included.  It represents a great way to explore the world while getting fit on some of the greatest and most famous rides in the world.  In 2020, we are cycling in Spain in March and France in August, right after the Tour de France has finished, meaning we will have the roads to ourselves!

I do a biweekly video podcast with folks who have overcome personal thresholds.  Sexual addiction, life experiences, death of family members, travel experiences and business obstacles are all fair game on Threshold Stories.  You can follow this podcast series on you Podcast app by typing in Threshold Stories.

See you around.