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Ready Go!

As a coach I realized I said one phrase more than anything else. It didn’t matter if I was coaching high school athletes, 10 and unders or 40+ year old master swimmers. I said the same thing over and over. Ready Go!

If you read my last entry you should recognize that phrase. I closed with it.

‘Ready Go’ are the 2 most important words in coaching. Every time a coach sends his/her athlete off to begin a set or workout ‘Ready Go’ is used. As the years ticked by as an athlete that phrase was just a constant companion to the daily grind. When I made the shift as a coach I came to realize that those two words represented much more.

I asked an Olympic swimmer one time what the hardest part of swimming was for them. I waited expecting some astounding answer. I was met with something so simple, “getting in the water”. As I had my own journey I came to realize that was true for me as well. It doesn’t matter who you are and where you are in your journey to be the best version of yourself. Starting will most likely be the hardest part.

As you’re getting ready to swim it’s important to give yourself “little wins” to help you get moving. Swimming is a game of physics. The physical rules to succeed in the water are different than those out of the water.

When swimming, it’s important to remember that body line is vital. Body line is how the body rests on the water. Your goal is to lay flat across the top of the water.

Understanding how to get there is simple. Good posture out of the water is good posture in the water. While swimming move your eyes towards the bottom of the pool. As you do this you hips and feet should rise. Once you are comfortable in this position you can let your eyes shift from directly below you, to about 6-12 inches in front of you. Be mindful not to look forward. If you do this you’ll cause your body line to fall or cause impingement in your neck.

No matter where you are in your journey remember to give yourself “little wins” and those 2 special words.

Ready Go!