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Free Virtual Training Resources

Below is a list of free and local virtual training resources that we are aware of. If you know of any other resources that should be added to this list, please contact us at We also realize there are several local subscription based virtual training sources available in our current "new norm" of social distancing. Please contact us about those as well because we will provide a separate article about local subscription services available. This would not be a "paid for listing". We are here simply to provide quality and inspiring information to the community. 

Quick Links

Architech Sports Home Workouts -- YMCA - The Virtual Y

YMCA - Virtual Y

YMCA of Greater Charlotte has always been a positive force in our community and our new social distancing environment has not changed that focus. The Virtual Y is to help keep the community healthy and connected to their Y. From The Virtual Y website, "Your healthy spirit, mind and body is the core of our work at the YMCA of Greater Charlotte. Regular exercise is one component of a healthy lifestyle that can help reduce stress and prevent illness. That's why we are working to ensure our community stays connected and healthy during this time."

One of the great things about the Virtual Y is that it also has resources with family activities. We're ALL at home right now so these resources are extremely helpful! With sections and topic including Academic Resources, Just for Fun, Teens - Beat The Boredom, Virtual Spring Break, and Youth Sports at Home... there seems to be something for everyone. 

Y360 has a variety of lower intensity virtual classes similar to their Sculpt & Tone and CardioStrength classes as well as a variety of slow flow yoga classes.

You can stream MOSSA classes over the next 60 days to enjoy your favorite YMCA classes from anywhere. These 30 minute workouts are more intense and similar to programming offerings in our Charlotte Y's, including Group Power, Ride, Centergy, Fight & Core along with additional options including Athlete (similar to our Athletic Conditioning Classes), Blast (step) and Groove (CardioFunk).

Training on Demand - Get daily virtual training classes sent directly to your email.

There are a ton of virtual resources YMCA has made available.

Architech Sports

In light of not being able to go to workout classes and gyms, Architech Sports has released a series of online home workouts. You can subscribe to get these workouts daily via email which servers almost as a daily reminder. Getting the daily email has worked out great for us! It's a good "nudge" in the right direction each morning which helps set the stage for a positive day. You can register for the daily email or visit their YouTube page and subscribe to their channel which contains a wealth of great training videos. 

We hope you find these resources helpful. As a reminder, please let us know if there are any other free and local virtual resources we should add to this list at Also contact us about any subscription based virtual services for a separate article we will put together soon.