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Breaking 2 Training Summary (2)

A glimpse into a Thursday the Struggle was Real! It wasn't so much the act of running (while that was difficult too), but just getting up, dressed and out the door. Running, even when done in a group, is a solitary activity. It is you against your mind and body, working to keep moving toward some goal. I realize when done right, running is you WITH your mind and body, in some sort of metaphorical, metaphysical, harmonious dance of beauty blah blah blah.

At one point, after getting dressed, knee strap on, heart rate strap in place, I found myself just leaning over the sink, trying to move, giving myself a pep talk come on, you got this! I laughed in my own face, shook my head, grabbed my extra shirt and towel and headed toward the door. Once in the car, Magic in the Hamptons by Social House helped me get in the right headspace to run. Parked at Starbucks, the heavy breeze gave me that last push to get started and ended up running the fastest back to back miles I have run since last July. Glad I got up, got moving and kept going!


Swim Workout 200 Warm-up (100 free, 50 pull and 50 kick), Pyramid at Endurance Pace (50-100-150-200-150-100-50), Cool Down was stretching in the pool.

Workout Notes

12 Weeks to the Lake Norman Sprint Triathlon, time to get in the pool. Luckily for me, one of my favorite accountability partners (12 year old, Zoe) was ok with getting up at 5am to hit the pool. The set was a decent workout, besides the fact that am about 13 seconds per 100 yards slower than where I was at the end of the season last year. Right now I am just trying to find my breath. Good conversation and coffee afterward with my girl!


Brick Workout (pairing two or more triathlon disciplines in 1 workout) Bike Trainer 5:00 Minute Warm-up, 30 Second Sprint/15 Sec. Recover x 13, 3:00 Minute Recovery, 30 Second Sprint/15 Sec. Recover x 13, 5:00 Minute Cool Down. This was followed up immediately with a Run of 2 Miles.

Workout Notes

Good to be back on the bike, even it was on the trainer. Legs felt pretty good on the run. Actually they felt a bit too good. I was having a hard time with my cardio keeping up with my legs and had to walk a few times to catch my breath.


One of the great things left over from when I was really heavy is the wonderful experience that is Gout (probably some genetics in there too). The plan was to get up and run with a couple of guys from my men's bible study group, but I was awoken at 1:30 with a searing pain in my left ankle. I spent the next hour and a half lying in bed uncomfortable and chugging water (pretty sure the attack came on because of being dehydrated for most of the day on Tuesday), finally taking some ibuprofen at about 3, texting the group that I wouldn't make the run and falling back to sleep. With the worst of it over, just a little bit of soreness, I opted for another walk with Boaz (9 months and 25 pounds) in the backpack (7 pounds), Ezra (age 3) and Zoe (age 12) around the neighborhood.


Run - 1 Mile Warm-up/2 miles at Race Pace (9:30 per mile)/.75 Mile Cool Down

Workout Notes

See the opening paragraphs Did have some good downtime at Starbucks after to decompress and get some writing done!


Planned Rest day and it was a success :-) 


Run 2.6 Miles Easy

Workout Notes

On the back end of a quick Valentine's Day overnight with my wife Julie, I took her on a tour of some of the sculptures and scenery at UNC Charlotte. Deemed The Most Romantic Thing I Have Ever Done, this was by far my best workout of the week.


LSD (Long Slow Distance) Run 9 miles.

Workout Notes

I was lucky enough this morning to have a friend (Nick, who has never run that far before) join me to one, provide accountability (you don't want to leave someone sitting alone in a Starbucks parking lot at 5:45am) and two, provide conversation to help pass the time. Went well, but note to self, be thorough with the Body Glide in the future.

Final Thoughts

It was a good week! I have built my running base to a point that I feel comfortable with the start of triathlon training. I really enjoy variety in my training, so the addition of swimming and biking it a welcome addition.

I have also gotten some clarity in the direction my training and fitness need to head in the next few weeks. With a running distance base being established, speed work is going to become more and more important. At the same time, I need to make some modification to my hydration and fueling plans. I have noticed an ammonia smell to my sweat over the last week plus. Typically this indicates that my body is using protein as a fuel source rather than carbohydrates. Using protein as a fuel source means that my body is starting to break down muscle (not good). Lucky for me though, my body needs more carbs! Bring on the Pasta, Rice and Bread!

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