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The Year of Mental Toughness Training

This year had planned to be a training race season for me, looking for a big event in 2021. I was planning for a 70.3 in Germany during May, and a full at the end of this year. Like many others, races have been canceled, and the ones that haven't, give you a very little time to get ready, with the hope that everything comes back to "normal" soon, and we can plan again.

So, now what? I'm an athlete in process, with a LOT to learn, reach and improve. Thinking about the endurance I'll lose was getting a little bit into my head, but so much else to consider in uncertain situations like now. Also, when, more than a race, there are people fighting for their lives, to keep others alive, to keep a job....where can an athlete fit in this situation. Well, we all, athletes or not, can do a lot right now. I decided to make this year about something that I have been fighting for a long time, mental toughness training. There is a lot to learn and gain in facing our fears, and sometimes ourself.
As many of you, I train because it makes me, me. I enjoy long runs, sore muscles, weird tans, tired shoulders...but also, because training brings me a deeper appreciation and connection to life. And this time is no exception. Actually, I train anytime I can, and I enjoy every workout to the fullest, always respecting the social distancing rule and what our authorities recommend. Balancing my passions, with sacrifices we need to make, also building my mental toughness, not giving up on my goals, but understanding, my calendar will change. Not getting frustrated because I don't have a pool, but thankful I have food and a place where I'm safe.

This year, I am planning for a better me, for a person that can help anytime I find an opportunity. I'm looking for a more human community, where unlike a solo race, now the goal is that all of us made it to the finish line. I want to eat healthier, surround myself with happier environments and set my dreams into a reality. I want to use this time so see opportunities, to be more compassionate, to love more, and to live plenty.

I'm hoping for the day where we can hug, kiss, go to our favorite restaurant, visit our friends and family, but most of all I'm hoping for the time where all the ones that couldn't make it to the end, are respected and leave us having lived a purposeful life, reminding us ALL to live a more connected and compassionate life.

Let's make sure our favorite sport store is there when we can go out again, same for the restaurant you love, all the small business we love, let's be more unified.  I hope this message find you well, in good health, and with mental toughness to be patient, and thinking to others.

"At the moment, competitive sport is completely unimportant in world affairs. But hopefully it will soon become the most beautiful thing in the world again" Jan Frodeno