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Ever Wonder What It Takes to Run Like Billy Shue? (6)

Billy Shue is a well known athlete and local favorite here in Charlotte. His many accomplishments do not come without a LOT of hard work and determination. Billy is awesome enough to share with us what it is he does on a regular basis by sharing his workouts, notes, and metrics. This will be a recurring series called "Working Out With Billy Shue" so stay tuned for workouts and ideas you can incorporate into your own workout schedule. Look out for the Strava  links to the given workout on for a more in depth look at a given workout.

Monday 2/3

 Warmup in Blakeney
2.72 miles at an average 7:45 pace for 21m 7s

 50-minute tempo in Blakeney
8.62 miles at an average 5:55 pace for 51m 4s
Felt in a really good rhythm after the 2nd mile and just stayed in that rhythm through 40 minutes and then picked up the effort more over the last 10 minutes to finish strong - accidentally went to 51 minutes as I had spotted a landmark (intersection) way down Rea that I wanted to target finishing at (to simulate the long finish on Boylston Street in Boston). Felt great today! Ran in short sleeves and my gloves - started getting really toasty about 3 miles in, but didn't want to ditch my gloves and risk losing them! Could have easily gone to 60 minutes today at the effort I finished at.

 Cooldown/post-tempo miles in Blakeney
3.51 miles at an average 6:42 pace for 23m 33s

 Kristen's barre class at the Childress Klein YMCA
50 min

 Karisa's barre class at PB South Park
50 min

Tuesday 2/4

 13-mile MLR from the Harris Express Y
13.04 miles at an average 7:26 pace for 1h 36m

 Indoor 45-minute maintenance ride at the Harris Express YMCA
15miles for 46m 4s

 Power 45 with Andrea D'Alberto @ Charlotte
45 min

 MCAC Masters Lunch Swim - 1,500 meters LC
1,584 yards for 44m at a 2:46/100 yard pace
Great running into Annabelle, Michelle, and Madison beforehand, and swam in a lane with MaryPat, Patricia, Ann, and Steve! Total time includes the rest, when I was usually treading water to stay warm!

 Katherine's reform class at PB South Park
50 min

Wednesday 2/5

 Thinking of Jim Reavis on today's run - praying for you, Sir
8.10 miles at an average 7:20 pace for 59m 32s

 6*:22 strides with 1-minute recoveries
1.68 miles at an average 6:52 pace for 11m 33s

 45-minute maintenance effort ride at the Childress Klein YMCA
15.7 miles for 46m 13s
Got to see Kim's Athletic Conditioning Class in full swing - that's the best total-body workout in Charlotte if you're looking for max total-body intensity in an hour 

Thursday 2/6

2.79 miles at an average 7:12 pace for 20m 6s

 3*3-mile with 4:00 recoveries at the JCSU track in the rain and wind!
9.54 miles at an average 5:56 pace for 56m 34s
I took manual splits every 4 laps (1600m) for the 3-mile reps. For the 4-minute recoveries, I jogged an easy 400m and walked around/stayed loose in the stadium tunnel telling Christo how I felt and getting feedback before running the next 3-mile repeats. Felt in control and I'm improving more and more with the diaphragmatic breathing. The wind progressively picked up throughout the workout (strong cross/headwind on the last 150m of each workout lap) and the rain was constant with mostly a light rain with a few minutes here and there of a downpour. It was great having Christo out there and JP crushing his workout! If I needed to do a 4th 3-mile repeat, I could have and would have kept it in the 5:43-5:50 range, I believe. Strong effort and workout in conditions that makes folks more mentally tough!

3.02 miles at an average 6:53 pace for 20m 48s

Friday 2/7

 21-mile LR at maintenance effort
21.5 miles at an average 7:05 pace for 2h 32m
Headwind/tough crosswind the first 10+ miles out, but a nice tailwind and favorable crosswind on the way back. Ran from FlyWheel at Providence & Sharon Amity to just past Genghis Grille on Ballantyne Commons and back. Felt awesome!!!! Windy today, but still not as windy as the 2019 Charlotte Marathon was!

Saturday 2/8

 2-hour long maintenance effort ride on the Air Assault Airdyne bike
41.7 miles, 2h 1m, 204 watts
Actually burned 1,134 calories, but the computer only goes up 999 calories before starting over again, and the time starts over at the top of every hour. At least the computer shows I got in 41.7 miles, at an average RPM of 53 on the Air Assault Airdyne bike for over 2 hours!

Sunday 2/9

 5 miles maintenance in Cotswold
5.03 miles at an average 7:32 pace for 37m 57s
Action shot of me finishing my last stride coming back to the Flying Biscuit

 6*:22 strides with 1-2 minute recoveries
1.32 miles at an average 6:47 pace for 9m